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Online Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku puzzles also known as Su Doku or Number Place are easy to learn, but not necessarily easy to solve. Every row, every column and every 3x3 box must contain the numbers 1 through 9. You do not need to guess. Our daily puzzles are always solvable with pure logic although the difficulty varies greatly from mild to fiendish. Sudoku will appeal to strategy game, brain teaser, crossword, solitaire or patience addicts, and is good exercise for your brain. Computers can solve most games easily while most humans find them very challenging. Older sudoko puzzles are available by selecting a date from the daily drop down list.

Sudoku Solver

Choose a difficulty level by selecting a tab. To enter numbers, click on the appropriate cell in the grid and you can type a number. Are you stuck? The online solver can give you a hint, show you the next step, or solve the whole puzzle. Check the possibilities box to show which numbers are possible in each square - these are also known as pencilmarks. If you want to save a position, click on "position link" and the position will be saved in the URL in the browser address field. You can then bookmark the page and return to that exact same position later.

Sudoku is educational and a fun way to get a daily math or logic tutorial. According to The Guardian "The government-backed Teachers magazine has recommended Sudoku as brain exercise in classrooms. It has even been suggested that it can slow the progression of conditions such as Alzheimer's."

Commercial Su Doku

This online sudoku solver is available for license for your website at low yearly rates. We welcome commercial enquiries from print or online publishers looking for sudoku puzzles.

Web Site Owners

Get our daily puzzles to add free content to your web site using the following iframe code snippet:

<iframe name="sudokuhints1" src="" width="587" height="423"> </iframe><br>Sudoku by <a href=""></a>

To use this you must include the whole code segment including the link. To see how this will look on your page, or for more control over how the puzzles appear, visit our Free Sudoku page.

For even harder puzzles - X-Wings and Triples, try

This site is also available in: German / Deutsch , Spanish / Español , French / Français , Italian / Italiano and Portuguese / Português versions. If you would like to help us translate the site into your language please see our translation page. We also welcome your suggestions for improvements.

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